Royal Canin Prescription Treats


We are now carrying Royal Canin Prescription Treats to pair with your pet's prescription diet!

Pet owners often give treats to their pets to show affection. After a pet begins a therapeutic diet, many pet owners continue to feed their pets treats and do not realize that those treats may compromise the efficacy of the veterinary-exclusive diet you've selected. 

Royal Canin introduces a comprehensive line of treats that are compatible with many of our scientifically formulated therapeutic diets, enabling owners to bond with their pets without compromising their health.

Royal Canin treats:

  • Provide safe and effective options supported by science you can trust.
  • Help achieve treatment goals.
  • Encourage pet owners to reward and bond with their pets even while on a therapeutic diet. 

Please call or text the clinic at 812-402-1111 to see if any of these treats would work with your pets prescription diet!