Expert Preventative Care for Puppies & Kittens

Offering a variety veterinary care services for puppies & kittens in the Indiana-Illinois-Kentucky Tri-State area, Advent Veterinary Services seeks to optimize the overall well-being and longevity of your new pet. We believe happy pets are healthy pets, and healthy pets need extraordinary care! Please contact us to schedule your puppy or kitten’s first appointment as soon as possible; as a baby, these animals are highly susceptible to illness & injury, thus veterinary attention should begin sooner rather than later.

Best of Care Series for Puppies & Kittens 6 months and younger!

We are offering low cost spay/neuter and vaccinations for puppies and kittens under 6 months of age! Please contact us to schedule an appointment for your new pet!

Our comprehensive puppy and kitten wellness exams include:

  • A complete physical
  • Vital statistics
    • weight
    • body temperature
    • breathing rate
    • pulse rate and quality
    • vaccinations (providing a customized vaccination schedule tailored to the lifestyle of your pet)
    • Any other wellness bloodwork to monitor or test for common puppy and kitten conditions, such as, feline leukemia virus, and feline immunodeficiency virus.
  • Other recommended puppy & kitten veterinary services:
    • Spay or neuter procedures
    • Microchip placing
    • Stomach tacking to help prevent gastric dilation volvulus (GDV, twisted stomach) in large breed dogs. This is often performed during spay or neuter surgery.
    • Microscopic fecal exams to check for intestinal parasites.
    • Removal of deciduous (baby) teeth if not being lost at the appropriate time.
    • Internal/external parasite prevention.