Exotic Pets, Wildlife, & Zoo Animal Services

A veterinarian with a special interest in the medicine, care, and surgery of dogs, cats, exotics, avian, wildlife and zoo animals, Dr. Thomas Kilbane has been servicing the Indiana-Illinois-Kentucky Tri-State and beyond for more than 20 years.

Our contemporary new facility in Evansville, IN enables us to provide the most progressive animal care with its advanced, efficient layout equipped with modern veterinary technologies and a convenient location centered in the heart of the Tri-State area. We deliver complete veterinary services for exotics, avian, wildlife, and zoo animals including:

  • General Wellness
  • Husbandry guidance (appropriate food, shelter, and general care management)
  • Dermatology (skin care)
  • Veterinary Internal Medicine (prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases)
  • Diagnostics 
  • Dental Care
  • Surgery
  • Emergency & critical care (during business hours only)
  • Aggressive Pain Management
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Onsite Pharmacy
  • Pet Boarding
  • End-of-Life Care (pet hospice)

For further information regarding our exotic, avian, wildlife, and zoo animal care or to make an appointment for your unique pet today, please contact us .