Veterinary Internal Medicine Services: Committed to Finding Answers

With special interests in veterinary internal medicine, both Dr. Vivian Ramos & Dr. Tom Kilbane are proud to deliver only the finest pet care services in the prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of pet diseases & disorders. Their 44 years of combined experience ensure that your pet is receiving only the very best of care in the Indiana-Illinois-Kentucky Tri-State area. Difficult and challenging cases are our forte; if you are searching for a second opinion or an animal hospital that is committed to finding answers, Advent Veterinary Services is here for you.

Welcoming established & new clients alike, our doors are open to all creatures from dogs and cats to birds, exotic pets, wildlife, and zoo animals. We provide complete internal medicine services in each of the following areas:

  • Cardiology (heart care)
  • Dermatology (skin care)
  • Endocrinology (gland and hormone problems)
  • Gastroenterology (digestive disorders)
  • Hematology (blood conditions) 
  • Infections diseases
  • Neurology (nervous system difficulties)
  • Ophthalmology (eye care)
  • Orthopedics (bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, etc.)
  • Pulmonology (respiratory tract conditions) 
  • Oncology (cancer treatment)
  • Senior pet care
  • Pediatric (young) animal medicine
  • Urgent & critical care

Preventing, Detecting, Treating, & Monitoring Pet Conditions

Listed below is a summary of the breadth of our advanced internal medicine services. Our dedication to preventing, detecting, treating, and monitoring pet conditions in all creatures is an invaluable benefit of seeking pet care at Advent Veterinary Services. Please contact us soon for further inquiries or to schedule your pet’s appointment.

  • Preventative Pet Care Services
    • Vaccinations
    • Parasite prevention
    • Spay & neuter surgeries
    • Microchipping
    • Dental care
    • Nutritional Counseling
    • Onsite veterinary laboratory testing
    • Educational online resources about proper care
    • Husbandry advice
  • Veterinary Diagnostics & Disease Monitoring
    • Computerized radiographs (x-rays)
    • Ultrasound
    • Electrocardiography (otherwise known as EKG or ECG)
    • In-house veterinary laboratory testing
  • Healing & Treating Pet Conditions
    • Critical Care Unit
    • Intensive pet pain management, including cold laser therapy
    • Advanced veterinary surgery with safe anesthesia methods
    • Emergency pet care facility
    • Onsite pharmacy
  • Exotics, Wildlife & Zoo Aniamls
  • Pet Allergy Testing/Dermatology
  • Pet Dental Care